Section 2 - When to start treatment

European recommendations for initiation of ARV therapy

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*Pay particular attention to drug-drug interactions, drug toxicities, immune reconstitution syndrome and adherence, etc. EACS Guidelines, 2008. Available at: Accessed March 11, 2009

When to start ART? Data from ART-CC

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Adapted from Sterne J, et al. 16th CROI; Montreal, Canada; February 8-11, 2009. Abst. 72LB.

D:A:D Study: CD4 count associated with risk of liver-related and other non-AIDS related deaths.

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Weber R et al. Arch Intern Med. 2006 166(15):1632-41

HOPS: median time to virological failure after suppression on HAART

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Adapted from Uy JP, et al. 4th IAS 2007. Abstract WEPEB017

HOPS: causes of death by CD4 cell count at the start of HAART

Case Mathias table2

Adapted from Palella FJ Jr, et al. JAIDS 2006;43:27–34