Section 2: Follow up presentation

Patient summary

More rapid discontinuation of ART in depressed persons

  • People with HIV are ~2 times more likely to suffer from depression than HIV negative people1
  • Depressive symptoms measured in HIV-positive patients (n=83) by Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)2
  • Less depressive: BDI <15 (n=50); more depressive: BDI ≥15 (n=33)
  • Adherence by MEMS caps and pill counts
  • Patients with BDI ≥15 on HAART for longer period of time (35 months) vs. those with BDI <15 (p=0.01) but had more periods of unstructured treatment interruption (p=0.01)
case didier graph 1

1. Ciesla JA & Roberts JE. Am J Pschiatry 2001; 158:725–730 2. Adapted from Bangsberg DR, et al. ICAAC 2001. Abstract 1721.