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YERVOY (ipilimumab) management guide (In Swedish)
This YERVOY®-specific Management Guide for dosing, administration and irAE intends to aid early diagnosis and appropriate management and is essential to minimize life-threatening complications.
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HCP FAQ brochure – RMP material* -new (In Swedish)
These HCP FAQs are provided by Bristol-Myers Squibb for Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) who are involved in the treatment of patients on YERVOY®. This document will enable you to:

  • understand how YERVOY® is used
  • provide important information to patients
  • understand potential adverse reactions and how they should be treated
  • present the Patient Information Brochure (including the Patient Alert Card) and its objectives to patients

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Summary of Product Characteristics (In Swedish)
Complete Summary of Product Characteristics for YERVOY®.
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Patient Brochure – RMP material* -new (In Swedish)
This brochure will help your patients understand what YERVOY® is and why it was chosen for them, as well as what to expect during treatment. It include the symptoms of potential side effects to monitor and the importance of immediately reporting any symptoms.  
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Patient Alert Card – RMP material* -new (In Swedish)
It is important that patients immediately report if they have any key signs or symptoms or if they worsen. Patients should not try to treat their symptoms with other medicines. Even seemingly mild symptoms can lead to severe or even life-threatening conditions if not addressed. This document helps in this reporting process.  
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Treatment Diary (In Swedish)
This diary will help the patients to keep a record of their symptoms and adverse reactions while on treatment. This diary is given to the patient by the treating physician.
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Caregiver guide (In Swedish)
The aim of this guide, which is intended for caregivers and patients, is to answer some of the common questions about the YERVOY® treatment. This diary is given to the patient or caregiver by the treating physician.
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Please contact your local BMS representative if you would like to have a hard copy of the materials. See contact information.

* Risk Minimization Plan material 

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